School Board

School district governance is the process of reaching agreements that balance and reflect community values, beliefs, and priorities in policies that focus and align all district efforts to enhance student achievement.


There are three components vital to effective school governance:

1.The attributes of an effective individual trustee

2.The attributes of an effective governing board, and

3.The specific jobs the board performs in its governance role.


The board and superintendent work together to maintain unity of purpose, agree on and govern within appropriate rules, create and sustain a positive governance culture, and create a support structure for effective governance.   These enable the governance team to remain focused on improved student learning and achievement, and create a climate of excellence.


The primary responsibilities of the board include:

1.Setting the direction for the district

2.Providing a structure by establishing policies

3.Ensuring accountability, and

4.Providing community leadership on behalf of the district and public education.


Authority is granted to the board as a whole, not each trustee individually; therefore, the board with the superintendent must work together to make decisions that best serve all students.




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