Facilities Bond Update

The Bayshore Elementary School District is relatively small, but we are mighty and our vision is positive and powerful.  Our shared commitment to provide all students a world-class education is unwavering, and our energy and vision is firmly focused on what is best for our kids.


On behalf of the 381 students, 36 dedicated staff members, and our Board Members, I want to thank you for your continued support for our teachers, staff and the work taking place in our schools every day.


Recently, you renewed our parcel tax, ensuring that $1.2 million will continue to support programs and services for students over the next 8 years.  And last June, you told our dedicated teachers and staff that you support and appreciate their work by approving a $6 million facilities bond.  The Board of Education and I want to express our deepest gratitude for your support, and offer assurances that we will supervise the allocation of these funds to provide optimal benefit to our students.


As we have studied the options for using bond dollars to renovate, modernize, and upgrade both school sites, we have also considered the benefits of building a brand new TK-8 campus.  From this analysis, we can see that creating one, shared campus would allow us to pool funds and resources to create a remarkable school for all students and staff.




Q: How is the Robertson Property declared to be surplus and will that affect the current operation of the school?


A: Before a School District real property can be sold, a Real Estate Advisory Committee -- also known as a "7-11 Committee" -- is required to be established in order to investigate whether the subject property is still needed for educational use. Our District has now established this 8-member Committee, and its first meeting is set for 5 pm on Monday, December 8, in the Board Room at 1 Martin Street. All are welcome to attend and comment. As a result of the 7-11 Committee's meetings, the Committee may choose to recommend to the Board that the Robertson Property be surplused. Any subsequent decision by the Board to surplus the property will not affect the continued operation of the school until escrow closes on a sale, if that sale is to occur.


Q: What obligations does the district have with regard to the sale of the property, once the property has been declared to be surplus by the Board? Do we have to give the City first right of refusal?


A:  There are a number of legally prescribed steps in the sale process.  The district is required to offer the property for sale to certain entities and the City is one.  If the property is offered to the city, it would be at fair market value.  The Naylor Act requires the District to offer open space and playfield portions of the land to the City and County and local and regional park departments and park districts at up to 25% of fair market value. The District does not have to sell the Robertson Property if it offers it and an entity offers less. In addition, the District can refuse to sell to any other public entity or private buyer at any point in the process if it decides to keep the property.


Q: When do you evaluate environmental concerns?


A: Soils tests and initial environment questions have been addressed in preliminary tests done by Padre Associates, Inc., engineers, geologists and environmental scientists.  Additional environmental review will occur when the Board reviews and considers approving an environment impact analysis document as required under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).


Q: At the new school, where will you place lockers?


A: We do not plan to have lockers at the new site; we will provide students with two sets of textbooks, one for class and one for home, so they will not need to carry books around.


Q: Is state funding guaranteed?


A: No.  State funding is based on a first come, first served basis, so we want to get “in line” as soon as possible.  We will begin the process of applying as soon as possible.  To be clear, this funding is not guaranteed, but we are hopeful and will do our best to secure it for our students.


Q; Where will the Robertson students be housed during construction?


A: We are examining temporary locations for students and staff.  We do not have an answer to this question right now, but we know that we must orchestrate a thoughtful temporary location for our students and staff. We are committed to providing ample notification and communication on this process and our decisions.


Q: Are all ideas regarding the new site welcome?  What if I cannot attend a design committee meeting, how do I submit my questions and ideas?


A: Yes! All ideas and question are welcome and should be sent to the Superintendent at apittman@bayshore.k12.ca.us.  Please remember, our community’s support for the bond made this dream possible, so our community’s input and ideas are encouraged and appreciated.


Q: How will staff be managed at the new site?  Will you have two principals? Two custodial staffs?


A: Good question.  We do not have the answer at this time, but our staff does know that we will take a year to discuss optimizing staffing.  We will need to dedicate a solid year to transition discussions, including professional development for TK-8 collaboration, support to help our staff learn to use the new technologies that will be at our school, and the ideal placement of our talented staff.



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