Bayshore Elementary School District Goals

Approved: June 30, 2016.

The five goals for the Bayshore Elementary School District are focused on the following:


1.     Technology

2.     Facilities

3.     A Well-rounded Curriculum

4.     Parental/Community Engagement

5.     State Standards Implementation


Bayshore GOAL 1:

Students will have equitable access to a rigorous, well-rounded and enriched curriculum aligned with California State Standards while being supported and enhanced through the use of 21st century technology that promotes a specific set of academic and behavioral readiness skills, fosters attendance and promotion (matriculation) and prepares them to be competitive in a global economy.


Bayshore GOAL 2:

By 2017, the learning environments of the Bayshore Elementary School District will be transformed into a new state-of-the-art 21st Century Learning Facility for all TK-8 students.


Bayshore GOAL 3:

100% of Bayshore Elementary School District students will be provided a well-rounded, equitable, robust curriculum focusing on EL students, while including elective courses at all grades ensuring all students the ability to make connections between the arts and academic classes and play an important role in helping students learn, focus and achieve in emotional, physical and academic environments.


Bayshore GOAL 4:

Advance student achievement through actively involving parents and community in the educational process of Bayshore Elementary School District by offering activities and opportunities for parents to become part of the school through providing parent education, help parents understand student progress, offering ways for parents to receive help in their efforts to improve their child’s progress and improve communication.


Bayshore GOAL 5:

Establish a respectful, positive district culture ensuring high expectations for all students that reflect a progression of teaching and learning that is internationally benchmarked, meaningful and focused on the California State Standards.





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